Style Your Family for Hari Raya: The Perfect Outfit Ideas

As the end of Ramadan approaches, thus begins the preparation for the joyous celebration of forgiveness, reflection, and togetherness that is Hari Raya. Additionally, this holiday is also a festive time wherein celebrants dawn their best Hari Raya outfits in honour of the sacred tradition. With that, how does one find the perfect outfit for such an occasion? In this article, we will dive into Hari Raya family outfits you can put together for this year. 

What Types of Materials Are Suitable for Hari Raya?

Baju kurong is a traditional outfit for women made for formal occasions such as Hari Raya. These are made from different materials such as silk and brocade. The more commonly worn baru kurongs are made from carefully sourced cotton and linen fabrics, as it helps keep people cool and comfortable throughout the day. For formal occasions, you can pair the baru kurong with a sarong made from similar materials to perfectly match the colours and patterns you are wearing. 

For men, they usually wear a baju melayu, which is a two-piece outfit made from usually cotton or a mixture of polyester and cotton. Additionally, there is a skirt-type adornment called a kain samping, made out of songket, tenun cloth or the kain sarung, made out of cotton or a polyester mix. 

Knowing what the traditional outfits were made of, you can easily use this as a guide to select your own clothing pieces to celebrate Hari Raya.

Guide to Mixing and Matching Colours and Styles

There are many colours and styles to be considered for Hari Raya fashion. In fact, you don’t even have to splurge too much when putting together your outfit. As long as you have specific colours and use things around you as inspiration, you can whip up an outfit in no time. Some colours that people go for are pink, often linked to warmth, compassion and hope, red as the symbol of strength, health and vanity, as well as blue which is related to calmness, depth and stability. Other colours are purple, for harmony, humility and spirituality, yellow for vibrancy, freshness and energy, and lastly green which is the symbol of nature and peace. 

Knowing what each colour symbolizes will help you narrow down your choices and decide on what you want your outfit to convey to people. When it comes to styling each piece of clothing, simply look around you. Use nature-inspired decorations, incorporate traditional textiles and utilise natural light. 

What Are the Latest Trends in Hari Raya Family Outfits

Back in the day, men would celebrate Hari Raya in baju melayu, which is an outfit that consists of a long-sleeve, loose-fitted shirt, paired with long pants, kain samping and topped off with a songkok. Nowadays, men have a more modern option called the kurta. This is a loose collarless shirt that can be paired with any long pants. 

For women, their baju kurung consisting of a blouse and skirt or kain has now transformed into an entire fashion wardrobe. Inspired by the traditional costume, there are several variations to choose from such as the kurung kedah, pahang, and the modern look. Baji kurung kedah is influenced by Siamese culture, which has a similar blouse as the Siamese short blouse. Baju kurung pahang on the other hand is an A-lined bloused that goes with a matching kain. Lastly, baju kurung modern is a modernised baju kurung in terms of different colours and patterns.

Adorn Your Best Hari Raya Outfit with Simply Rays

Hari Raya is one of the many special occasions that should be celebrated the right way, in style. With a variety of options and numerous things to take inspiration from, there is no reason not to dawn your best outfit and flaunt your style. Find the perfect outfit at Simply Rays today!

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